Talking Ben And Tom

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In the play, two friends met together, you meet with Ben and Tom who are participating in the role of presenters on the TV channel. Your friends have become even more talkative, because they broadcast breaking news on television. Immerse yourself in the real atmosphere of television. Make your proper news takes, watch them and distribute with the world.

What awaits you in this game?

Join your favorite characters Ben and Tom as they are in the TV studio broadcasting breaking news. Chat with each of them in turn. They will repeat everything you tell after you. Make pets interact with each other in various methods or mock one another, watch this fun. Everything you say will be in the new emergency newscast on the TV channel, but everything will be much funnier. Play the fool with them and even mock them if you want. For instance, poke them with your finger to make them fall off the chair. In addition, you have the opportunity to show your creativity, that is, to create news stories yourself using any photos or even videos. Thanks to this, you have the opportunity to delve into the fun world of journalism and television. You will definitely like this game, no doubt. Finally, make your proper news and show this story to your companions. Have fun with Ben and Tom on the news transmission. Start your fun game with your companions right now!

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