Talking Ben Hidden Stars

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Do you love games where you need to look for hidden objects? Such quests improve your attentiveness and bring a lot of joy. Here is a new adventure where you will be helping Talking Ben. This time, a cute dog will have to find hidden stars. Will you help him succeed in this challenge?

Do not miss a single star!

Ben was watching stars through his telescope, when some of them dropped down. The character needs to find them. But the stars do not shine any more, and you need to explore everything around to discover these. Once you find the object, press on it and the star will shine again. There are 6 exciting levels in this new game. And every time, you need to collect 10 stars. Make sure you pass all of them with ease. You will have only one minute for every level. If you press too many times in the wrong place, you will fail!

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