Talking Ben The Backrooms

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Welcome to an incredible mod in which your beloved pet dog Ben got into a real labyrinth in the back rooms. He is completely alone here, or so he thinks for the time being … after all, an incredibly frightening monster of enormous size lives in this territory. This game is for the bravest lovers of talking Tom and his friends.

What awaits you in this game?

Somehow, your pet Ben is stuck in a seemingly endless backroom maze. Help Ben get out. Everything around you is the same, but for some reason it is already familiar. You are surrounded by plain yellow walls at every corner, you are always accompanied by a very unpleasant smell and a creaking sound, it is not clear what, whether it is a creaking floor or a lamp, or maybe it is some kind of monster breathing right into your back. Be careful and attentive, you need to monitor the situation around, because no one knows what awaits you behind the next wall in this labyrinth of rooms. Of course, your main task in all this is to survive and get out of this terrifying hell. On the way to the cherished freedom, you have to complete various tasks, solve difficult puzzles and complete incredible missions. Overcome everything that fate has prepared for you. Also remember that the monster knows about your existence and will do everything to catch you, so do not fall for his tricks, but immediately run or repel attacks using all available items and methods.

Game features

Thanks to the incredible design and exciting missions, this game will not leave anyone indifferent and will appeal to every brave player and fan of talking Tom and his friends. Thanks to many tasks and challenging puzzles, you will definitely not get bored and want to return to the game again and again with new powers and skills. Test your abilities and the abilities of your pet in this exciting mod. Are you ready to face the nightmare monster? Start right now your incredible journey through the maze in search of freedom with Ben.

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