Talking Juan

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Welcome to a new project where you will meet a new virtual friend. It is Talking Juan, a cute cat that needs some responsible owner. Are you ready to adopt this pet and take care of him? Then let’s get started! Your new pet resembles the famous Talking Tom, but this game comes with a lot of new features. Besides caring for your virtual friend, you will be able to enjoy a lot of cool adventures with him. So do not waste time – dive into this new flow of fabulous mini-games with your new lovely pet. It will bring you tons of fun and enjoyment?

What can you do with Talking Juan?

First of all, you will be fully controlling the routine activities of this character. You will have to take him to bathroom, clean his teeth and take him to the shower. Then you need to watch that your pet receives enough sleep as his energy depends on it. And, of course, do not forget that your cat needs to eat. Just open the fridge and you will see everything a typical cat can be interested in – from milk to rats! But what is there in that bottle? It is poison! What will happen if you give to Juan? The winning feature of the game is that you are allowed to perform some evil experiments too! So you can do it. If you see that your cat is unwell, you can always give him some paracetamol to recover. When you both are sick and tired of these in-house routines, it is time to explore an open word around you. There are a lot of challenges to experience together with your new pet – from swimming in vast waters to even floating in the air. But make sure you are always around and help Juan overcome all difficulties!

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