Talking Angela

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This is an incredibly addicting game along with an adorable virtual cat named Angela. Take care of your friend, grow and develop with her. Let your little kitty grow up to be an elegant cat. Spend your incredible time playing and chatting with her on various topics, she will support you in everything. You will also have to look after and feed her. Go about your daily activities with your friend Angela and goof off. Test all your abilities and the possibilities of your cat.

What awaits you with the cat Angela?

An unforgettable game awaits you with Angela. A huge number of different functions are available to you. Bathe, feed your favorite food and put your cat to sleep, because she loves to be looked after. You have to participate in exciting mini-games to earn points and coins, and of course, in this way you can have fun. Also, to earn money and have fun at the same time, you can go on a dance adventure together. Just remember that you must constantly monitor Angela’s condition, because after long games she can get tired or very hungry. With coins you can buy food and clothes for your pet. Create new incredible looks for your cat by buying new fancy dresses, costumes or just comfortable home clothes. You can also change her hair color, eyes or even skin color so that no one recognizes her, and when she grows up you can apply makeup. In addition, you must improve and modernize the house in which Angela lives and the surroundings, because she loves everything new. Collect albums with stickers, thus opening up new possibilities or new items. With each level, the game becomes more and more interesting, because Angela grows up and more and more new interesting opportunities open up for her. Start your exciting game and play the fool with the cat Angela. Enjoy adventure together.

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