Talking Ben Roblox

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This is an incredible combination of Ben’s pet and Roblox. This time, a truly scary adventure awaits you along with the pectoral gaze of the kind dog Ben, which he always used to be. You can play this mod from different faces, each time experiencing different incredible emotions. You have never seen Ben like this before. Try your skills in this game if you are not afraid.

What awaits you in this game?

You have the opportunity to choose how you will play. You can play either for Ben who is hunting, or for another hero, and then your main task is to escape and complete all the most difficult tasks on your way. But playing as Ben the dog, you will have to eliminate all other players before they can escape and complete missions. If you think that participating with Ben is easy, then you are wrong, it is far from it. You must not let others escape and slip away from you. Put them many obstacles to prevent their salvation from your world. Tasks and missions will not be easy for anyone, since every character wants to survive and win. Whoever you are, explore this world and every corner of the territory. This game is for the funniest lovers of talking Tom and his friends. Test your abilities in this scary but interesting game full of incredible adventures. Try this game and rate it, we are sure you will like it. Start right now and pass all the tests on your way!

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