My Talking Tom Memory Cards

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Do you believe you are attentive to details and your memory is flawless? You will struggle with the answer if you do not try this game. Everything is simple here – you will play memory cards. And all of them come with the images from the popular Talking Friends series. Will you be able to remember and match them all correctly? Let’s check it together!

What is your task?

You will see the reverse side of all the cards on the screen. They will be flipped over only for a second, allowing you to memorize their positions. But will you manage to keep it all in your head correctly? Now you need to click on two cards. If you match these properly, the two cards will disappear. Your task is to fully clear the screen. So start matching the cards. But note that every following level, a few more cards will be added, making it extremely hard to memorize them all!

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